• Avoiding Surgery With Physical Therapy
    PKL can help treat your pain avoiding unnecessary surgery.
  • Does Pain Affect Your Everyday Life?
    PKL Physical Therapy will heal and restore proper function of your body.
  • Matt Harvey of the New York Mets Should Not Surgery
    In todays medical world doctors are too quick to recommend surgery
  • How Professional Sports Teams Can Keep Players Healthy
    Dr. Parsa Karimi discusses how athletes can prevent injury
  • PKLPT Physical Therapy Treatment Trifecta
    PLKPT uses their treatment trifecta to get patients pain free faster
  • How to Know if Your Physical Therapist Will Help You
    PKLPT evaluates each patient to diagnose the best treatment to relieve pain
  • College and High School Athletes Need Professional Physical Therapy
    The goal of physical therapy is to get athletes back on the field as fast as possible
  • Senior Citizens Weight Training Works
    Senior citizens can start feeling younger and be more active with weight training
  • Surgery is NOT the Answer to Your Pain
    Surgery is necessary for serious trauma. Physical Therapy can fix most pain without surgery
  • At Home Physical Therapy
    You can help yourself doing physical therapy excersises at home with a physical therapy professional.
  • PKLPT Physical Therapy Bethpage and Amityville
    PKLPT Commercial