There over six hundred muscles in the human body, and I can impress you by naming them all. There hundreds of ligaments, tendons and bones in the body, I can further impress you by naming them all. But the goal here is not to impress you with anatomy but to get your body back to its full physical function.

Are you in pain? Are limited functionally? We want results for you. Not in a year, not in six months from now, now. You need to get back to living your life. If pain and functional limitations are stopping you from going to work, playing the sports, you love, going up and down the stairs, holding your child or going to the grocery store?

PKL Physical Therapy would get your body back to it’s full, functioning potential. It’s what we do, every day, consistently with every one of our patients.

At PKL Physical Therapy, we have a say, “Strength equals Function” We would help heal and restore function. We use the hands-on treatment and exercises needed to get your body to heal. And when you are finished with Physical Therapy here at PKL, you are going to know the difference and you are going to be very very happy because you are able to overcome the obstacles and functional limitations and pain that brought you here. You are going to get your life back.

So, if you want Physical Therapy and you want it done, right? PKL Physical Therapy is your answer. Visit us at for more information.

PKL Physical Therapy has offices in Amityville and Bethpage Long Island, New York.