This is to all the owners of sports teams that are suffering with athletes having injuries and been on the sidelines instead of been on the field getting fans in the stands, okay. You have a colossal problem on your hands and it’s been on your hands for many years you don’t even know it. A good manager knows when to see a problem and to bypass that problem or take care of it so they can move on without any kind of issues. Unfortunately, it’s not to no fault of your own, this is a problem that’s in your way and everyone thinks that it’s a norm because it’s just what everybody has, everybody gets injuries. From my viewpoint it is a problem that could be easily, easily fixed and I’m not promising that no one’s going to get injured on your team but I am telling you that it can dramatically reduce the amount of injuries that your team suffers from and that will immediately increase your chances of winning and will have players stay with you for longer, plays that you would have let go because they have a bad knee or they’re always getting hurt those players can stay with you and win with you, okay.

I don’t care if you’re an owner of an N.F.L. team M.L.B. team, N.H.L. N.B.A., it doesn’t matter athletes are athletes. And I get my patients and my athletes back and they come in twice a week and I get them back with injuries a year after they suffer from, I get it back so much faster that you could say, “hey these are professional athletes they’re playing at a high level” yes, I understand that but my athletes are playing at this level because that’s where their body is ready for, that’s where it’s appropriate for. Everything’s relative, these guys are in the best shape of their lives and they’re playing a professional sport, so it wants to make sense that that’s relative. So that argument is no argument at all.

So, I know you have the rehab department that you have, and I’m not saying that you should fire your rehab department and you know let me come in and do that I have my own physical therapy practice everything’s going well knock wood okay. I’m not trying to say that I need to come in and take anyone’s job that’s not my intent, what I’m saying is on a consultation basis let me come in and we could see how you are evaluating these players in the first place that’s an art in itself. You’ve got to make sure the evaluative process, the diagnostic process is what it needs to be because if that’s incorrect everything else will be incorrect down the line. So that needs to be fixed. You need to find out what is impaired and then fix, it fix it with deep tissue model fast release, strengthening of the targeted muscle groups that need to be strengthen, stretching of targeted muscle groups that need to be stretched, all to achieve muscle balance so that athlete not only will reduce his chances of getting hurt but increase his chances of producing more force and power on the field on, the ice, on the court and be more effective for you and your team, okay.

What I’m proposing to you is that athletes get back faster than ever before. I’m proposing that injuries plummet. All this sounds like fantasy, it’s not, I promise you that it’s not. I can sit here and talk all day but I will show you that it’s not and unfortunately what the norm is across the board for all professional teams is that people just get hurt and that’s what we have to deal with, okay. it’s the norm.

Back twenty years ago if someone told you when you had your Nokia block phone with this you know that you could play Snake on the game if someone told you hey do you realize I have a phone right now that if you hold this button down a woman’s voice will come up and you ask you what your question is. And you can ask her something and if you want to know where you want to you know, I want to go to the local bank that’s by me. She’ll literally bring it up on a map and should tell you how to get there make a left, make a right, until you are there. If someone told you that twenty years ago, you’d say, “no way” but that’s all reality now. Why do you have to wait years for that reality to come I can deliver for you right now. In terms of rehab I am your i Phone okay and am not trying to make a joke but I have the specific way that no other physical therapist has that I can come in and my method works. And it’s been working for me, i have two physical therapy practices that are run solely on word of mouth. I don’t rely on any doctors I’m not part of or affiliated with any other group, I am solely word of mouth.

If you want other teams to call you and say, “hey what the hell are you doing with your rehab department, why are your athletes not getting hurt and when they are going to hurt, why they back in so much quicker time than compared to our athletes.?

Then give me a call. My name is Dr. Parsa Karimi, I am the real deal, there’s one thing that I’m passionate about, it’s physical therapy. I take great pride in my work and I’m very serious about what I do, okay. So if you want to bring what I’m doing here in my clinic to your team, give me a call. My website, Either phone numbers on those offices, give me call, will talk find out what your needs are what your problem is and I will come in and I will help that problem in the rehab department. All right good luck with your team I hope to hear from you.

PKL Physical Therapy has offices in Amityville and Bethpage Long Island, New York.