Today I’m going to talk about PKL’s Treatment Trifecta. What I mean by that is, the three main treatment options that we give to patients to help them get better. Some place you go to they might do a lot of manual treatment meaning they do a lot of hands on, deep tissue massage or joint mobilization, whatever they’re doing they are using their hands a lot and they’re getting on and they’re you know putting their hands on you and they’re providing pain relief that way. The unfortunate thing with that is they don’t do a lot of exercise with you. Other places you go to, they never put their hands on you and they just give you some exercises and they send you on your way. Finally, some place you go to, they don’t so either and they just tell you to go stretch in a corner, they give you a hot pack, they tell you to ride a bike and they show you some self-structures to do.

All those things by themselves in my opinion, a kind of a waste of time. You need to have all three of those things put together and that’s where PKL Physical Therapy comes in to provide that. First, you’re evaluated and you find out exactly what’s causing the problem and in over ten years of practice what usually causes the problem of my patients is muscular. I know many times people don’t want to think about that they think it’s something so much worse but usually is muscular. So, we do the hands on deep tissue massage to the inflamed muscle, then we use the stretching to stretch out the inflamed tissues and to gain flexibility, finally we end up with doing strengthening exercises to put it all together and to achieve what we call Muscle Balance. So that is the PKL all Physical Therapy Treatment Trifecta. When you do all of those by themselves, each of those by themselves, it’s not really effective. When you put them all together that’s how you gain muscle balance, resolution of pain and increase function without any kind of limitations. For more information look at our website My name is Dr. Parsa Karimi, call us if you need us.

PKL Physical Therapy has offices in Amityville and Bethpage Long Island, New York.