Today we are going Home Physical Therapy. Sometimes people have a difficult time leaving the house because it’s very tasking for them they’re very very weak or they may not have a ride to get to Physical Therapy. But more often than not, it’s the person who has a lot of weakness in their legs, in their arms and just getting to Physical is exhausting. Usually, it’s the senior citizens, who has gotten so weak that they don’t really walk around as much they use a walker to walk around or there wheel chair (inaudible). Those are the people that we need to get moving. and it’s not too late to get that person moving, and unfortunately there are some Physical Therapists out there that do Home Physical Therapy they have given the whole process a very bad name. And I’ll give you an example, if you have a Physical Therapist come to your house and they sit there with paperwork for forty minutes and then they have you walk around your living room once or twice and they do your arms up and down and they call that the visit, get that person at your house and don’t let them ever come back. That person is not a Physical Therapist, that person is a waste of time, okay. You need a physical therapist to come in, like when we come in, we spend full hour doing exercise. Whatever you can do, if you need a rest periods we provide it. We’re not going to you know make you exercise until you pass out. You can exercise, you need to rest you rest and then we go right back to exercise as the sessions go on you start to build more more stamina, more and more strength. So now maybe you’re using a walker to walk around now maybe you can go further with that walker. We go outside, we can walk you into the, on the sidewalk and back. Anything and everything to increase your function. If stairs were a problem we practice stairs with you. If you want to progress to using a cane we used the cane with you, we do this by spending the entire hour strengthening your muscle, doing balance exercise, doing neuromuscular re-education, doing transfer training, walking, all this is done in a full hour and like I said it’s not an hour of straight exercise, there are rest periods involved to allow you to rest, so you can do the next set effectively and gain power and strength from it.

So if you have a physical therapist come the house is just walks you and then sits down and does notes, that’s not Physical Therapy folks, you need somebody to your house and provide a full hour of treatment. A Physical Therapist that come to the house are excellent, they work hard, they push you and they make it fun and you’ll have fun once you start seeing, that you can do things that you weren’t able to do over the last few years.

So, it should to be just like in the clinic you have to gain function and increase your ablity to do things on your own and increase your independents and be less reliant on family and help you stay out of that nursing home okay.

So if you need Physical Therapy in the home look us up Give us a call at our Bethpage location and we’ll set you up with a program starting immediately. All right, all you need, if you have Medicare, is a doctor’s prescription, if you have a family doctor he or she can provide that for you and we’ll come and set that up as fast as we can and will get you going, all right. But don’t fear, don’t think that you can’t get to a Physical Therapist that there’s no help for you. We can come to the home where it’s comfortable for you and help you get to where you need to get to, all right.

Once again, our website is My name is Dr. Parsa Karimi, give us a call with any questions you may have.

PKL Physical Therapy has offices in Amityville and Bethpage Long Island, New York.