Today am going to talk about how much of a waste of time it is to go to some of these sports rehab facilities. If you are injured and you’re in high school or in college or even on a professional team, if you go into a facility that puts steam and ice on you and then does the ultrasound and then has you actually go and do sports drills on a turf field somewhere, you are wasting your time. The reason why you went to rehab in the first place is because you can’t do those sports drills, it hurts to do it there’s some kind of deficiency in your muscle and you need to fix it but if you go to a place that just wants you to do fun things just for the sake of saying you’re doing these fun things, it’s a waste of time, all right. That’s not Physical Therapy, that’s playtime. You don’t need play time you don’t have time for play time, you need to get back on the field as fast as you can. A True Physical Therapist doesn’t want to be a coach, a true Physical Therapist wants to get his players back on the field as fast as possible. And the way to do that is to evaluate properly, find out what’s causing the problem which is usually muscular some kind of deficiency in the body and correct it with aggressive strengthening with whatever weight you can do and do as much weight as you can comfortably and with proper form or without pain. Work the muscle group that’s weak, stretch out the muscle group that’s tight and inflexible and most importantly provide hands on mild fascial deep tissue massage to the inflamed tissues and fashion to get increased flexibility, increased range of motion, decrease pain and increase strength to finally give you maximum performance on the field.

If you go into a place and just having you do drills on a turf field remember that’s why you went there in the first place because you couldn’t do these drills. The drills are for your coach to give to you, all right. Let the coach be the coach let the Physical Therapist be the Physical Therapist.

I would love to be a coach but I’m not.  I am a Physical Therapist.  That’s what my expertise should be; that’s where I should take my athletes and get them back on the field as fast as possible, all right.

I know it’s fun to go to some of these places and I know you kids if your school has a contract with some of these places and they tell you or you have to go there that’s not true. You can go wherever you want and get the care you need. You trying to get a roster spot, if you try to get into college. Maybe you get into a college that you wouldn’t have got into for not having your sports all right. May be your academics aren’t there you need your you know athletics to get you in, don’t mess around with your future when it comes to athletics. If you need to get back on the field as fast as possible, PKL Physical Therapy or any other facility that strengthens you as much as you can, all right.

If you are going they to play, play time, waste of time, all right. Any more information you need,

Remember you have the choice to go where you want to go for your rehab and that’s it. Good luck in sports, give us a call if you need us.


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