Matt Harvey if you’re listening am going to give you a message do not have surgery. I know you’ve been treated by all the professionals and all the experts and they tell you that surgery the only thing that can help you get back to playing, they are wrong. And I’ll stand here right to their face and tell them that they are wrong. They’re going to have you and I believe you are 27 years old, go under a the knife to take out a rib to take out a rib, are you serious? Are you kidding me, to take out a rib that’s been there since you were born now all the sudden that rib is going to pop up and say, “hey I want to cause problems now with you pitching” for real?

I mean common sense has to prevail here. I don’t even know what your treatment has been but I can sit here from my couch and know that it’s B.S. that you’re going to have surgery to take out a rib that wasn’t bothering you last year or the year before but all the sudden now in 2016, decides that it wants to be a problem, it is absolutely absurd. It makes no sense. I know you’re listening to these people, they are wrong, they are incorrect and when they’re done doing the surgery, they get to go home and you get to with whatever they leave you with, okay. They are in correct. I don’t know what you may have, I don’t know why you pitching’s off okay, maybe have a rotator cuff strain if you have enormous damage to your fingers, it could be from a rotator cuff strain. You know many people have massage done a deep tissue massage to the rotator cuff back here and they felt symptoms into their hands. How many times have massage deep into the neck of patients that was slated for the operating room but the doctor said just go try physical therapy get a little stronger before we do the surgery. Had three weeks at people getting off the table after two or three sessions saying “oh my God I’m fifty percent better” and they cancel surgery. If I could do with them why can’t I do with you, because you’re Major League Baseball player, is your body different than what their body is? Absolutely not. I’m just some guy in Long island that you don’t know because I haven’t had a chance to get close to your team. I’ve called your agent, I’ve called your team and I’ve told them, please do not let this kid have surgery. Let me check him out. If in two weeks he doesn’t feel dramatically better than have your surgery. What have you lost, nothing?

But you going to have a surgery that’s going to set you back six months for rehab and then you might get back in a contract year? You you might get back to what you were, dude they are going to kick you out the door and they are going to say next to the next person coming in. If you can see that writing on the wall, I’m watching sports, you’ve been watching sports for how long?

If you see these big-name guys is so good they go and have surgery, all of a the sudden, “where that guy go? I don’t know, he’s not here anymore.”

They use them up and they spit them out. I don’t know why your agent hasn’t call me back, I don’t know why your team hasn’t call back? I know to them I’m a nobody but I sure as hell tell you this, the patients that I treat in my two practices they know who I am, I’m the guy who gets them better when the doctors tell them they need surgery. People that are told oh you have bone on bone arthritis you need to have hip replacement right now, they’re still walk around ten years later no problems. The people that are told your meniscus is torn that’s what’s causing your knee pain. I get them better because they have a hamstring shrink that’s what was there knew pain. The people with the herniated disc like your teammate David Wright really that guy has a herniated disc in his neck he just had surgery on his neck, he’s also the same guy that had stenosis of his lumbar spine? You know what’s the stenosis is? It’s narrowing of the hole that the nerve passes through to go down your leg. All of the sudden it wasn’t bothering him this year? What happened the whole got bigger? These diagnoses or absurd they, throw him out there and nobody bats an eye, nobody says anything. It is absolutely ludicrous for you to have surgery on your neck. I can take care of it, give me two to three to weeks tops, if you don’t feel like you’re sixty seventy eighty percent better, then I’ll leave, I don’t care. I have nothing to lose. I have my two practices, they’re going very well knock wood, okay but I’m sick and tired of turning on the T.V. and seeing these people, these young talented athletes like yourself that have gotten to the pinnacle of sports whether it’s NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, what have you. You get to the pinnacle to the very top then you get an injury and you would think that you have the very best trainers, that ain’t the case. They are falling short big time.

I had an N.F.L. player who was cut from the Jets a few years ago and had a deep tissue massage on his hip and I said, “don’t you normally get this? he said, “no nobody has ever dug in and massaged my hip like that.” Now I’m asking you, the treatment you’ve been getting, has it been effective, has it just been some stretching, some stem or some other ridiculous exercises? If that has, you’ve not been treated correctly. You’ve not been receiving the adequate care, that you need to get.

And I don’t care if your trainers hear me, I don’t care if your staffs hear me, am putting them on the line. I don’t even watch sports I can’t even tell you what sport is in season right now am so busy but I can tell you this it is very very frustrating to watch the T.V. and watch athletes that are going on under the knife that don’t need to be. Okay you’re talking about a six-month rehab, I’m talking about a few weeks and you’re back to normal. There are many things that may be causing your symptoms, Inflamed Rotary Club can certainly make the ball come out slower. Thoracic ally syndrome, if it is all the nerves that are leaving your neck to go down your arm, if they’re being compressed by the scaling, by the pectoralis minor by any one of those muscles if they’re not being treated correctly the people going through their hands up and say, “I guess it’s the first rib” how can that make sense? The rib never bothered you in college in high school and your first few years of playing baseball for the Mets. Now all of a sudden, it’s going to bother you? Some things have to make sense, these things do not okay.

If you’re interested in taking care of the solution taking care of the problem I’ll give you the solution have the solution okay. Give me a call, 5166051700.

You want to have the surgery knock yourself out, it’s not my neck it’s not my rib they’re taken out it’s yours okay. I’m not trying to scare you I’m just trying to give you the gravity the situation. This is your career. This is what you want to be doing for the next fifteen, twenty years however much you want to play, your decision when you come out. Not because oh I had this thing with my neck and they did the surgery and it didn’t work out, “oh look now I can’t feel my fingers and now I’m just doing whatever at thirty years old.” It’s not fair, it is not right okay. I, again I called your agent, I called your team, nobody returned my phone calls, everybody just said, “yeah yeah yeah, we’d just pass it along.

I don’t know why the people that are supposed to be caring for you could care less. I’m for the player, okay. The only thing I ever played was high school football and wrestling that’s it but I’m for the player I want to make sure that you guys that I’ve gotten there that I’ve got to the very top stay there and come out when you want to. Not because some care wasn’t effective enough and you didn’t get what you needed and it resort to the operating room and some guy made a name off of you, his business is booming and doing well but you’re out there lingering.

You want to call me discreetly I don’t care. Nobody has to know that I treat you, it’s up to you.

516-605-1700, give me a call, my name is Dr. Parsa Karimi. You can look up my website,, okay.

Call me before your surgery, you got nothing to lose man, you got nothing to lose. Give two three weeks, if it doesn’t get better and I’ll be the first one to tell you, ” yeah you need surgery” but I guarantee you man, I bet the f0rm that I won’t be saying those words to you okay. You can get back this year and continue to play this year, you hold all the cards and decide where you want to go, who you want to play for and when you want to leave this great sport of baseball. Alright man, give me a call.

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