Cross Fit is an excellent exercise program designed to create explosive muscle action. It involves resistance training with sand bags, kettle bells, water filled equipment and suspension systems. However, many of our patients who come in with injuries sustained from Cross Fit training never weight lifted before they joined their Cross Fit program. The movements and resistance that Cross Fit clients must work through at a high intensity requires strength and power.

Unfortunately many times, this base level of strength doesn’t exist, often times leading to an ineffective workout and or injuries. These programs are an excellent way for people to stay in shape but the necessary preparations need to be taken before starting in order to lower the risk of injury.

By strength training before you start a Cross Fit program, you not only build muscle and power and start the “getting shape” process, but you increase the chances of making your Cross Fit program that much more effective and fun while lowering your risk of injuries (which are never fun.)

I recommend at least 6 weeks of PKL progressive strength training with increasing levels of appropriate resistance of all major muscle groups before starting a Cross Fit program. It is also highly recommended to continue with strength training 3-5 times per week to supplement your Cross Fit program to maximize health gains. As always, speak with your doctor to make sure that strength training and Cross Fit are right for you.

No day is better than today to start improving your health!