Many believe that the severely sharp pain & numbness shooting from their buttock to their foot commonly known as Sciatica is a result of herniated discs in the Lumbar spine (lower back). However, the Sciatic nerves, one for each leg & each as thick as your thumb, are formed by many smaller nerves from your Lumbar & Sacral spine, coiling together deep in your buttocks to form these large nerves. Unfortunately, directly on top of the Sciatic nerve lays the Piriformis muscle and these two structures occupy a narrow tunnel deep in the buttocks region. A strained Piriformis muscle, mainly due to weakness or injury, will clamp down on and compress the Sciatic nerve, inside the tunnel, often causing debilitating pain, weakness and loss of physical function. Our physical therapists will diagnose your symptoms, develop your plan of care consisting of deep tissue massage, specific exercises and stretching which will help resolve your pain. Don’t suffer in pain any longer; take care of it…now!

Dr. Krista Lucido PT, DPT
PKL Physical Therapy & Wellness PC