Suffering from a stiff neck, headaches or shooting pain? Physical therapy can help! We often get very nervous and assume the worst when it comes to pain around our head. The truth is that you should investigate the cause of your pain with your doctor and physical therapist to rule out something serious. When non-life threatening, physical therapy can help to resolve these painful symptoms. Many muscles that are around your neck, if inflamed, could cause severe shooting pain into your head as well as severe headaches.

Every muscle has what’s called “trigger point referred pain”, which simply means that if a muscle is inflamed then it may cause pain in another nearby area. For example, an inflamed Scalene muscle (on the side of your neck) will shoot pain behind your eye & the Upper Trapezius muscle may cause tension headaches. Any muscle spasms in the neck will lead to a stiffness and limited motion. Physical Therapy can help to decrease muscle spasms therefore resolving shooting pain, headaches and stiffness at the neck.

Dr. David Glaser PT, DPT
PKL Physical Therapy & Wellness PC