Think all physical therapy facilities are the same? Think again. Many people believe that all PT facilities offer the same quality care and desired results. The sad truth is that some facilities offer excellent care, while others provide the bare minimum, and that’s a problem. An effective treatment philosophy will include a hands on evaluation to find the right diagnosis.

Manual techniques such as myofascial release (deep tissue massage) & stretching of inflamed muscles along with gentle joint mobilization (no “cracking”) are common as well. The most important characteristic is the progressive strengthening of weak or inflamed muscle groups in order to resolve your pain and functional limitations to help you gain independence. Ineffective facilities never even touch the patient for a medical massage or stretching. These “mills” offer little to help your pain such as only putting electrodes & a hot pack on the painful region or having you exercise, alone. You should certainly avoid facilities that don’t offer strengthening as the main ingredient of their treatment plan. Remember, Strength = Function! Don’t let a doctor or insurance company dictate where you must be go for physical therapy because it’s your choice!