The direct access law allows patients to visit with a physical therapist without having to first visit with a doctor. This law allows immediate pain relieving treatment from a physical therapist instead of having to wait for a doctor’s visit for a physical therapy prescription. Direct access allows patients to receive either 10 visits or 30 days worth of treatment before having to visit with a doctor. This immediate attention often leads to quicker recovery from pain and functional limitations which may be resolved before ever needing to visit with a doctor.

Our physical therapist may assist you in choosing which specialist to visit if one is needed to examine your symptoms. Benefits of this law include immediate pain relieving treatment, guaranteed evaluations from a PT as well as your doctor with the potential to decrease overall healthcare costs. The direct access law applies to most major medical insurances as well as Medicare.

Dr. Parsa Karimi PT, DPT
PKL Physical Therapy & Wellness PC