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Are you or someone you love having difficulty getting out of the house? Trouble walking, driving, have poor balance and a hard time doing everyday tasks?

With PKL Physical Therapy Homecare, we’ll help you get back on your feet and feeling great again!

  • Homecare Therapy Services Include
  • A dedicated treatment of one-on-one care is provided
  • Medicare, most medical insurance, no-fault & worker’s compensation accepted
  • Individualized strengthening program created based on your abilities
  • Balance & stability exercises to help you prevent falls
  • Re-training you on how to walk to resolve limping
  • Massage & stretching of your muscles to improve flexibility
  • Patient and caretaker education about your diagnosis & precautions
  • Home Safety Assessment included to help prevent falls & injuries
  • Home exercise routine provided for non-therapy days

Don’t wait until after a serious injury occurs. Contact our staff today and have a Physical Therapist in your home within 24-48 hours. Call (631) 691-6900 or (516) 605-1700 now to schedule your appointment.