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Students required to have one shift per week for volunteer/clinical hours at either location


  1. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. This course gives you the power and edge over your competition to get the job you want to start you on a successful path in the healthcare field.
  2. Classes are taught by physical therapists in the clinic.
  3. Course is designed based on our current aide training philosophy and standards.
  4. Interactive exercise training DVD(s) provided.
  5. Hands-on learning with patients in a physical therapy setting.
  6. Counted as physical therapy volunteer hours.
  7. CPR/First Aid certification included.
  8. Resume assistance included.
  9. Course highlight letter, your resume and certificate will give you a competitive edge for employment.
  10. Future personal trainers will benefit from therapeutic exercise instruction.
  11. Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion of the Physical Therapy Aide Course.
  12. Potential for employment opportunity at our company, PKL Physical Therapy & Wellness PC.
  13. Future graduate students will have a stronger knowledge base for healthcare education.

There is no other course to better prepare you to gain employment for a physical therapy aide profession. 


8 weeks, 100 hours
50 hours of clinical observation, 50 hours of course work

(Contributes to required volunteer hours for various graduate programs) 

Course fee  $995      •      Required course book  $65


  • Medical terminology & basic anatomical instruction
  • CPR/First Aide course
  • Signs of serious medical ailments
  • Precautions & contraindications instruction for various post-operative diagnoses
  • Patient guarding techniques to prevent falls. Ambulation training with various walking aids & transfer guarding.
  • Post-operative concerns for patients with various orthopedic, neurological, cardiovascular patients
  • Modalities:  preparation & application
  • Dozens of therapeutic exercises
  • Clinical relevance of therapeutic exercise
  • Gait training & compensations
  • Knowledge of acute & sub-acute rehabilitation

* At the completion of the course, the student with the highest grade will have “Course Valedictorian” noted on their certification. 


What does a physical therapy aide profession entail?

A physical therapy aide assists physical therapists and works closely with patients. They help make a real difference in the lives of patients who are in pain and are physically challenged due to the after-effects of surgeries, musculoskeletal injuries, sports related injuries, etc. A caring personality and passion for helping those in need are necessary key characteristics. Aides may become employed by hospitals, rehabilitation centers, outpatient physical therapy centers and other medical facilities.

A typical day in the life of an aide includes:  assisting physical therapists with the treatment of patients, including transfers, setting up exercises, prepping treatment areas, documentation in patient charts using medical terminology, and much more. Any future physical therapist or healthcare provider would greatly benefit from the skills acquired from this course. Great physical therapists most likely began their career as great physical therapy aides!



Job outlook for the physical therapy aide field is forecasted to grow 35% through 2018 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics due to the large number of baby boomer population surviving longer and needing physical therapy treatment.

Additionally, the Affordable Care Act is also going to be responsible for many new patients gaining healthcare coverage, which equates to potentially more physical therapy patients and thus the need for more physical therapy aides.

Wages can vary from different types of facilities.  An aide can earn anywhere from $25,000-$35,000 per year (based on full time employment) depending on the type of treatment setting.  Additionally, the therapeutic exercise knowledge you will gain from this course will make studying for any Personal Training or Strength & Conditioning certificate much easier and increase your chances of passing the required examinations.